Man fools ATM probably using default system password

By the way, as I just wrote about cards and payment systems, I thought that the news below could be relevant.

I have just read in Bruce Schneier’s Cryptogram that a man used system codes, probably taken from an ATM manual, to fool an ATM to hand him more money than it should. The machine was handing out US$20 bills thinking they were US$5 bills.

There are speculations that the trick involved the use of a default password on the ATM.

I’ve found a video on YouTube with the CNN story:


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4 Responses to Man fools ATM probably using default system password

  1. John Keen says:

    Very Interesting! People should learn not to deploy their systems with default passwords!

  2. John says:

    I LOVED this video. Being in the atm business myself, I came to realize that security should never be forgotten. Never leave any passwords from the manufacturer at the default setting ever!

  3. Kevin says:

    As an ex-con myself, nice work. Keep messing up and we’ll just keep profiting.

  4. Royce says:

    Thanks for your effort for composing “Man
    fools ATM probably using default system password
    | Daniel’s Blog”. I actuallymight really wind up being returning for a lot more reading through and commenting soon enough. Many thanks, Winfred

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