Welcome to my Blog!

I believe in information exchange and freedom, and in times when we are overloaded with information blogs appeared as a flexible way to present personal points of view and share thoughts.

It is not a trend, but something that came to stay. As long as we are committed and not embarrassed to expose our points of view, we can all benefit from this wonderful experience that is publishing on the internet and learning from the feedback we receive.

I would be a fool not to take advantage of such nice tool. So after a small experience with a Blog I wrote about the time I spent attending to a MSc. in the United Kingdom, I am setting up this another one.

The idea is to create a space to share ideas, but since it is my blog I will focus it on my main interests. At this time I will write about Information Security (my professional area) and complement it with other interests I have. This is due to the fact that Infosec is such an interdisciplinary field that I believe it benefits from inputs of all areas of knowledge.

Another important issue is the Blog language. As much as I would like to be able to write it both in Portuguese and English, and consequentially be a more democratic space, most of my friends that speak Portuguese are able to understand English, while the other way around is not true. As I don’t have time to translate every post the main language will be English. I’m sorry to all my future Brazilian readers. I hope this won’t prevent you from enjoying this source of information as I intend to compare all my international experience with my Brazilian origin and bring to you all the best of both worlds.

This is it for now. As much as this is a test I would appreciate any feedback about my initiative at this early stage. You are welcome to comment the layout, features that I could offer and anything you can thing of.

Thank you, and please come back soon!


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