Bondi got flipped!

Now, I have missed the dust storm but this is too much to miss. Bondi got “flipped”…

Aparrently, this is a new surfing phenomenon which was started today and is called “Towel Surfing” !?!?!? According to the poster of the video below over 200 people joined in synchronous dance on their towels in a perfectly choreographed routine that amazed onlookers. Have a look:

Now that looks very much like the T-Mobile video where a number of dancers stunned people in Waterloo station in the middle of the day when the speakers that normally tell train times started playing music:

So do you know what that this Bondi thing was all about?

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  1. Kathleen Silveira says:

    The ads you showed are more commonly known as Flash Mobs. It was the creation by a guy in US. This wiki link might give you more insight

    In my previous client company, I had participated in 2 such flash mobs. 1st one required dancing (similar to the Bondi mob). The second flash was funnier. We had to freeze in our tracks for 1 minute doing whatever we were doing.

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